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Buying Company Polos and Work Shirts For Your Employees

Companies strive to presents an image to the public that shows that they are strong and their employees unified. A company uniform is often what they choose. Polo shirts have been chosen the most as a company work shirt. They are a lightweight comfortable shirt.

They have been accepted as casual attire, yet maintain a professional standard. There have been heated debates on whether the employer should pay for the polo work shirts with a company logo. Some companies have compromised and will supply the employees with one or two shirts per year at no cost. The rest of the year, the employee is responsible. Most employees feel that this is unfair as they should not have to pay for something they cannot wear all of the time.

They feel that work clothes are the responsibility of the employer. When an employer is choosing a polo shirt as a work shirt, experts advise them not to choose outrageous colors. Bright or loud colors will send a negative message to the customer. Bright loud colors send a subconscious message of being obnoxious and over zealous. Polo shirts come in all colors of the rainbow, and if an employer cannot find the color that they want, it will be created for them.

Polo work shirts are usually made out of cotton and other materials. The style for a classic polo work shirt is a collar and three buttons down the front. Polo tee shirts have a standard scoop neck and are made out of one hundred percent cotton. When an employer decides to purchase polo work shirts, it is a big decision.

If there more than one hundred employees in the company the cost can be outrageous. This is where the Internet can come in very handy. By doing a google search, an employer will find thousands of links to polo work shirt sites. The rates will be competitive on all of the sites, be wary of prices that are too low.

There are unscrupulous people on the Internet that will take advantage of anyone that they can. It is recommended that even though the person buying the polo work shirts is using the Internet, talk to the customer service department. By talking to the customer service department, a better sense of the company can be felt. Experts advise that pale colors are more soothing to the eye and relaxing the customer. Choosing a color that is in your logo will help portray professionalism. Experts also advise that companies do not choose florescent colors.

They are bright and loud and hard on the eyes. Black lettering is chosen ninety five percent of the time. Choosing polo shirts as your company work shirt can also promote unity in the work place. By all of the employees wearing the same polo work shirt, employees that make lesser money will not feel slighted or intimidated by longer-term employees.

Choosing the brand of polo work shirt is just as important as choosing the color. A polo work shirt will be washed often. The company needs to find a polo work shirt that will not fade or fray after a few washes. One that is made out of quality materials. Ask if your company logo can be put on the shirts, and if it embroidered or just an image that is screen-printed. There are several discount companies that offer bulk polo work shirts, but experts advise companies to be wary.

Remember, you get what you pay for. If you buy cheap, you will get cheap and have to replace the polo work shirts more often. Polo work shirts need to be washed every time they are worn. For this reason some companies will offer employees enough polo work shirts for the work week. This reduces the wash time to once a week, preserving the color of the polo work shirt. Avoid using bleach on polo work shirt, they will become discolored and ruined.

It is recommended that different ranks in companies wear different types of polo work shirts. If in a management salaried position, a polo work shirt with a collar be worn, and an employee in an hourly position should wear tee shirt. All polo work shirts should have a company logo. In the corporate world of business, casual attire is accepted only on one specific day, usually Friday.

The corporate world of business is different from other businesses. They have a stricter dress code. Even for dress down Fridays, the employees are required to wear polo shirts and pleated pants. Experts advise that when a interviewing for a position, that the applicant as specifically for the dress code. Observing is not a definite answer, as it could be that the applicant interviewed on a casual dress day. In most businesses, a polo shirt and a pair of pleated khaki are an acceptable form of dress for casual day and the corporate office.

In business, there will be times when a polo work shirt is not acceptable. Companies will advise employees when different work attire is needed. It is important that they follow the dress codes of the company. Making polo work shirts a part of a companies attire is a great choice. They are strong and durable and with proper care they will last for a very long time.

With all of the choice of styles and colors that are available it may be a difficult decision make. Employers are faced with tough decisions every day, purchasing polo work shirts is not one of them. It is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Polo work shirts not just for the corporate world of business, or for the small business community. There are polo work shirts that can be used in the sports arena also.

They are light enough to allow the sportsman to move freely to swing a club or shoot a basket. Polo work shirts are versatile enough to be worn in everyday society. They can even be worn to a casual dinner.

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