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Choosing the Right Eye Makeup Styles for Your Face

There are so many different eye makeup styles that you might have a hard time choosing one. The great news is that you don't actually have to choose! You can have different looks that you pull out according to the time of day and the event. A subtle and low-key look is one of the better eye makeup styles if you're getting dressed for work. You want to look nice and put-together, but you don't want to really look like you're wearing eye makeup. That may sound weird, but it's just that you're putting on makeup that makes your eyes look good without being dramatic or over-done.

You should choose eye makeup that matches your skin tone as closely as possible, which will create the neutral effect you want. For your eye shadow, apply one to two colors. Follow it up with some eyeliner (optional if it creates a too-heavy look) and mascara. Voila! You have a great subtle look that doesn't scream, "Look at me!" when you're in a professional or home setting.

This can be very important because there are certain expectations for your makeup in these environments. But let's not forget about all those other eye makeup styles that will make you look great for a special night out. Wear eye makeup that gives you eyes a mysterious, smoky look.

But be careful not too use too much, because you don't want to look like a clown or an over painted Barbie doll. Find the perfect balance that works for you. Many people like a nighttime eye makeup look because they can be a bit more daring.

Apply darker eye shadow, more eyeliner, and more dramatic mascara. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your perfect eye look. Of course, there are things to consider other than the time of day. Even your nationality and heritage can play a role.

For example, many Asian women have a hard time using eye makeup tips that are mean for Caucasian women. This is because of the beautiful Asian skin color and eye shape. Try out different eye makeup styles that you think will work well for you. Don't think you have to stick with just one. There are many out there that will be beautiful depending on your personality, look, and style. Consider the ones that are truly beautiful and soon you'll have an arsenal of styles for every occasion that comes your way.

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