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Discover The Painless Permanent Solution For Unwanted Hair

There's nothing fun about shaving day in and day out. Whether it's a man's beard or a woman's legs, the process is tedious. Waxing can be even worse.

So what about permanent laser hair removal? Is this really a viable option? For many, the use of permanent hair removal is a lifesaver. Unwanted hair for both men and women can be quite embarrassing. Getting rid of facial hair for a woman or out of control eyebrows and the like is very important for a woman's self-esteem.

The same can be said for men with an overabundance of hair on the arms and back and once again those out of control eyebrows. The problem is that traditional methods for removal can be painful and at the very least a nuisance to keep repeating. This is where the appeal of laser comes in. The relatively painless process removes unwanted hair without the patient having to endure repetitive shaves, tweezes, waxes or the use harsh chemicals. Instead of these things, the process involves an outpatient procedure in which a laser is used on the hair follicle itself. Most laser hair removal procedures begin with the area in question being shaved and treated with an anesthetic cream.

The laser works by passing pulses of light into the hair shaft to actually damage the follicle. The process is considered permanent, but some hair may in fact grow back and touch ups can be required. Those who go for permanent hair removal rather than opting for waxing, tweezing or shaving say they do so for the overall effectiveness. An occasional touch-up is better than having to repeat a procedure every day or so as is the case for those who shave.

Plus, the treatments are considered painless or relatively so and they can be used in a number of areas. Common sites for laser hair removal include the back, legs, chest, lip area and eyebrows. Although laser hair removal is becoming very popular among those who hate the alternatives, it's not necessarily for everyone.

The best candidates typically are people with lighter skin and darker hair. The process is simply not as effective on those with blonde or red hair and even those with fine hairs. Laser hair removal also isn't something that happens in one visit. Depending on the area in question, several visits might be required to completely tackle the hair and follow-ups might be required, too. It's considered generally safe, but there have been some side effects reported from the procedure. In some people there can be a changing of skin color in the area treated.

It may get darker or lighter and it seems those with darker skin have more of a likelihood of this happening. In some cases, the skin can become burned during the removal process as well, so it's very important to follow all instructions both before the procedure and after to help avoid complications. With the daily intrusion shaving presents, the pain of waxing and the foul smells of harsh chemicals, hair removal is not a fun prospect as part of a normal hygienic routine.

Although fairly new on the scene, permanent laser hair removal is offering some great alternatives. And, for those who have unwanted hair, the prospect is more than appealing.

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Laser Hair Removal.


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