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How can a wig look natural

Apart from people who use them from medical reasons, people use wigs to change their daily appearance. The hairstyle possibilities are endless: short hair to long hair, blonde to brown, or curly to straight. This styling flexibility is why more and more people choose products such as Jon Renau wigs over expensive perms and hair colorings that may damage your hair. Although they can be a bit pricy, waiting for a wig sale can make them more easily accessible You can choose a wig that looks extremely natural, or specifically go for the "fake look". But whatever you do, you should know how to use a wig.

Once you have mastered that you can start styling it anyway you want, without damaging it. If you live in an area of extreme heat, you should look for wigs and adhesives that are specially designed for sensitive skin. Many brands have product lines tailored toward those with sensitive skin. You can use a wig cap to keep your hair in place and make it less noticeable. Wig caps are snug-fitting, skin colored caps that hold your existing hair in place and help disguise it under the wig. If you have purchased a synthetic wig, do not try to style it with heat (hair dryer, curling iron) ?the hair will melt.

Your best bet is to buy a synthetic wig in the exact style you like. With proper care, synthetic wigs can hold their style for long durations of time. Quality synthetic wigs from Jon Renau are held in particular high regard.

When you buy from a wigs sale, be aware of the brand being sold, otherwise the quality may vary widely. The hair may be heavy and of poor quality, or the cap can be too large. Usually price is an accurate indicator of wig quality. If you absolutely must style the wig, consider a human hair wig, which gives you the ultimate in styling flexibility. However, if you do purchase a human hair wig and you do decide to style it, there is one thing you should not do ? do not give it a haircut! At least, don't try to cut it yourself because unlike our real hair, wig hair won't grow back if you cut it too short or in the wrong place! There are some trendy Jon Renau wigs that come in so many lengths and styles that you practically wear them right out of box. But if you still want that haircut, look for salons that specialize in customize wigs and go there, wearing your wig! The reason many wigs look fake is that they are not made with 100% human Remy hair.

Most wigs are machine made with synthetic hair. A synthetic wig may cheaper, but generally don't last long as long as human hair. Although human hair wigs have a higher initial cost, they look excellent and do not need as much delicate care as the synthetic ones. Specialized brands, like Jon Renau wigs offer the best of both natural and synthetic wigs. If you have been using wigs for quite some time, you may have extra wigs that you do not need.

Instead of throwing these away, you can donate them to charities who in turn give them to sufferers of hair-loss conditions. You can donate both human hair and synthetic wigs, as long as they are in a good condition.

Looking for a change of look? Check online wig resellers for a wigs sale. When considering your wig options, you may want to consider quality products from Jon Renau wigs.

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