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How To Clean Your Ugg Boots Correctly

So you have now managed to get yourself a pair of Ugg Boots! Unfortunately after wearing them for a while you will find that they start to lose that just new look and will need cleaning. In this article we take you through the steps you need to do in order to get them back looking the same as the day you got them. Yes these boots are extremely comfortable to wear and because of this you may find yourself wearing them alot. Which is all well and good until they start to get dirty and start to smell.

Certainly one way of making sure that your boots remaining look good is by using a specialist cleaning product which has been designed for use on leather and suede items. Unfortunately these kinds of cleaning products are not exactly cheap and can sometimes be difficult to get hold of. But below we provide you with the steps that you can take to clean your Ugg Boots and ensure that they stay in the same condition as the day when you brought them. Step 1 - Get a bowl of cold water and a sponge.

Once you have dampened the sponge you then need to use this to wet the outside of the boot but do not make it so wet that you can feel water getting through to the inside. Ugg Boots which have been immersed in water will not only lose their shape but the lining inside will loose its comfort. Step 2 - Now you need to dilute a solution of cleaner that is appropriate for use on leather material. You should mix one part cleaning solution to one part water and then apply this over the boots using a wet sponge. Step 3 - Gently rub the cleaning solution over the boots and then immediately follow this up with another sponge which has been dipped in cold water once more. This will then rinse of any of the excess cleaning solution as well as help to remove the dirt.

Step 4 - Once you have cleaned your boots you now need to stuff them full with either paper towels or newspaper. This will not only help the boot to retain its shape but will also help to remove any excess water. Whilst leaving your boots to dry which should be done naturally you should never put them in a place where they are directly in sunlight or close to a heat source (radiator or fire). Step 5 - The final stage is where you will need to bring the nap back up on your Ugg Boots after they have dried. The easiest way of achieving this is by getting a suede brush or using a lint free cloth to brush them with. Plus if you want to remove any unwanted odors from inside the boots mix up 2tspn of corn flour with 2 tspn of baking powder and then sprinkle inside the boot.

Leave over night and then remove the excess by turning the boot upside and shaking it.

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