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How To Find Professional Salon Hair Products At Huge Discounts

30 years in the salon industry and the changes have been immense. Shampoo has moved from basics like Jhirmack and Redken to the latest in scientific Nano Technology. Where we once just dealt with topical application, we now have Nano Technology so minute it can easily penetrate the hair shaft for much more expedient benefits To harken back to the days of the Vidal Sassoon dynasty and the advent of professional hair care products is to appreciate that what was once considered expensive - $5.00 for an 8 oz. bottle of shampoo - has now been replaced with products that sell for 10 times the amount. If you consider that comparatively we pay 10 times the amount we did on gasoline, candy bars, snow tires, automobiles, housing etc.

, it's more easily understood. Still, I have a difficult time wrapping my head around paying $150 for a liter of shampoo and another $150 for the companion conditioner. Getting product to the consumer and minimizing mark-up is the key focus of online retailers. They still have the same distribution systems to deal with, but lower overhead allows them to retail their products at far lower prices than the brick and mortar salons are capable of offering.

Brick and mortar operations have always had the issues and complexities of insurance, heat, lights, leases, parking, employees, etc. that many online retailers are not saddled with. Consequently, discount salon products are a mission, not an afterthought. We can bring these products directly to your doorstep, often with free shipping, usually in less than a single business week. This is a boon to customers who live in remote regions, small towns, or just the savvy shopper looking for discount salon products at huge savings. Conceptually, discount salon products make too much sense for those who enjoy the finer salon products.

The more expensive the products, the more you can save. Simply do the math on costs per ounce and you will find that when saving sales tax and the shipping is free, it just makes too much sense to buy your professional hair care products online. You will find online retailers prices to run the gamut from full retail (and sometimes even a bit more) to as much as half off. As with any retail operation, we can occasionally get special discounts from our distributors and couple that with our volume purchasing power to put us in the position of acquiring product at much less than the average salon owner. The world of discount salon products is no different than any other online retail niche and the buyer should use the usual caution as you make your purchasing decisions i.e.

the vendors "satisfaction guarantee" policy, their guarantee of authenticity, return policies, privacy policies, and the secure transaction measures they have in place. As for product that has been tampered with, if you have any suspicions, I would approach the vendor immediately. They should be more than happy to accept returns on questionable product.

If you have evidence of product that has been watered down or adulterated in some manner, I would contact the manufacturer directly to deal with a vendor misrepresenting their product in a fraudulent manner. Online discount salon products are here for the taking. We bring you the world of professional hair care to your doorstep - what could be more convenient.

We have developed relationships with customers from all corners of the earth and take satisfaction in our stellar customer service and quick delivery. At the end of the day, an online retailer only has one thing to sell and that is quality customer service.

Richard Palmer has 3 decades behind the chair as a hairdresser and salon owner and currently has a web site where he sells discount salon products. You can visit his online store at www.salonprodirect.com

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