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Making Dry Skin Treatments Work for You

Symptoms most associated with Xeroderma (dry skin) are scaling, which is the visible peeling of the outer skin layer, itching and cracks in the skin. Only a lucky few have 'normal' skin; the rest of us have a dry, oily or combination variety; if dryness is your problem, read on. Xeroderma literally means "dry skin". Skin also harbors many nerve endings that provide the sense of touch and heat. The skin is often known as "the largest organ of the human body".

Skin also receives less blood flow and lower gland activity. Epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin. The epidermis can be further subdivided into the following strata (beginning with the outermost layer): corneum, lucidum (only in feet), granulosum, spinosum, and basale. The dermis is the layer of skin beneath the epidermis that consists of connective tissue and cushions the body from stress and strain. Dermatitis, contact dermatitis, eczema, seborrhea or psoriasis may cause the skin to be dry too. Skin gets exposed to the elements especially in winter.

Dry skin could be due to a genetic condition. The skin loses moisture and may crack and peel, or become irritated and inflamed. Natural treatment should always be the first type of treatment to consider when you want to take the best care of your skin.

For any skin condition, it's always better to take a natural approach. Apply moisturizers just after a bath or shower, when your skin is still damp. Put two tablespoons of coconut oil in your smoothies.

Drink freshly juiced carrot juice every day. Drink plenty of water, a minimum of a quart a day. Consider taking cod liver oil or fish oil supplements every day. Fatty acids are particularly important to people with dry skin. Use coconut oil; it just takes motivation, a willingness to try it, and diligent application of coconut oil several times daily and at bedtime to see its benefits. The best treatment I've found for dry skin is coconut oil.

Also use a thin layer of coconut oil under your make-up to moisturize your skin all day. Apply coconut oil to heal and soothe your skin. The skin must be regularly cleaned or it'll become cracked or inflamed. The skin supports its own ecosystems of microorganisms, including yeasts and bacteria, which cannot be removed by any amount of cleaning. Dry skin can be converted into healthy skin using natural home remedies.

It's time to call the doctor when all your home remedies do not relieve your dryness and itching. Call your skin doctor or naturopath when you feel itchy all over without a visible rash. If nothing seems to work it might be more than dry skin, so you definitely should see the doctor.

For more information on coconut oil treatment for dry skin and dry skin care treatments go to http://www.Best-Skin-Care-Tips.com Helen Hecker R.N.'s website specializing in care for skin conditions with tips, advice and resources for women, men, teens and babies, including information on the best natural products

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