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Murano glass

Located in the heart of the Venetian lagoon is the small island of Murano. Murano has been famous for its lampworking and glass jewellery for centuries now. Murano Jewellery has made a name for itself among jewellery lovers and collectors alike, and modern day Murano Jewellery is still handmade using centuries old techniques. Murano was founded as a commercial port, but today Murano is renowned for lampworking, and Murano Jewellery is synonymous with class and style.

Murano's glassmaking tradition is so rich that for centuries glassmakers were not allowed to leave the island to protect Murano glassmaking secrets. Murano Jewellery is possible due to the amazing variety of Murano glass beads that are available today. Although, Murano glass beads have been made for a long time now, but it is only recently that Murano glass beads have been successfully incorporated into modern day jewellery. Modern day Murano Jewellery is usually a combination of silver, gold and other precious metals with Murano glass beads in various shapes. Contrary to popular belief, Murano Jewellery is available in dozens of colours and everything from bracelets to rings are available.

Interestingly, coloured Murano glass is also produced using the same techniques that are used to produce everyday coloured glass. For example, Aquamarine is created through the use of copper and cobalt compounds whereas ruby red uses a gold solution as a colouring agent. Expert glassmakers can make dozens of colour using various compounds like gold, silver and rare minerals.

In addition, Murano Jewellery is also available in various patterns that are produced using specialized techniques. For example, Murano glass canes and tubes are heated to a molten state and wrapped around a metal rod until various shapes and floral patterns are produced. With dozens of colours and a variety of floral patterns to choose from, Murano Jewellery offers something traditional jewellery cannot offer: variety. No matter how polished and well cut a diamond is, a diamond will never come in blue with floral patterns. Another factor in favour of Murano Jewellery is that younger women in particular find Murano Jewellery attractive and fashionable. Unlike traditional jewellery, Murano Jewellery buyers have dozens of colours to choose from and there are numerous patterns available.

Murano pendants are perhaps the most popular of Murano Jewellery. Murano pendants are essentially Murano glass which is cut and polished in various colours and patterns. However, what makes Murano pendants truly impressive are the dozens of colours and designs that Murano pendants are available in. People that prefer traditional Murano jewellery can also choose from a wide variety of Murano pendants, rings and other Murano jewellery like bracelets.

It is important to remember that till date, all Murano glass is hand made and follows the finest Venetian glassmaking tradition. Murano glass is also used for making paper weights, lamp shades, bangles and rings. However, it is important to ensure that a jeweller is offering authentic Murano jewellery and not jewellery that is made from glass that is 'like Murano glass'.

What makes Murano glass special? Murano glass is made using glassmaking best practices that have been tried and tested over the years. Compared to regular glass, Murano glass is made using a series of complex procedures and is also clearer and denser than ordinary glass. Although, there are numerous imitations available for Murano glass, only genuine Murano glass has the clarity to effectively display the floral patterns that Murano glass jewellery has become popular for. Today, the artisans of Murano are still employing century-old techniques, crafting everything from contemporary art glass and Murano glass jewellery to glass chandeliers and wine stoppers. In addition, Murano glass is still woven using Venetian glass and Murano glass is believed to be the vanguard of glassmaking and glassmaking techniques the world over.

For authentic Murano glass jewellery visit www.jade-jewellery.co.


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