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PhotoFacial Skin Care and Therapy

There are countless treatments that are available in the medical field that have been created to combat aging and other topical looks of the skin. These treatments come from various medical fraternities across the globe and some are more effective than some. The newest one that is used to fight skin aging and skin rejuvenation is called photofacial. This treatment claims to reverse all things related to the skin using a new and unique procedure. This article will focus on what photofacial is, information and side effects all related to this new innovative procedure. Photofacial is the use of light to reverse the look and damaged caused to the skin by the sun or other environmental factors.

The results from this treatment will allow the skin to have a more youthful looking skin and will make the individual the envy of their peers. The photofacial system works by a device that emits a series of gentle pulsed light treatments that is focused on the damaged area of the skin. The light unlike a laser treatment, penetrates the skin way below the epidermis due to the various wavelengths that is associated with this treatment.

The length of time for the treatment to be successful is around 3 weeks, where the individual needs to come in for a series of 5 or more treatments to ensure that their skin can look the best. Photofacial is not without its downside, and this is what we call side effects. Luckily the side effects from using this skin treatment are very mild, and cause very little discomfort. What's usually associated with the photofacial treatment is redness of the skin. This usually occurs right after the person receives the treatment. This usually lasts a day, but there have been occasions where individuals have stated that they experience redness for a longer period of time.

Another side effect is the blistering of the skin. This is due to the use of the low energy light and the reaction of the skin to this treatment. Aside from blistering, the skin will also face some amount of swelling; however this will depend on the person and their skin type. In a market that is overloaded of devices, procedures and techniques that are used to reverse the look of skin aging, very few stand out. Each one claims to be the brand new thing, that will revolutionize the market and allow youthfulness to be achieved after a few treatments.

The new kid on the block, Photofacial claims to achieve all of this, by using a brand new system. A series of lights should be able to reverse the aging of skin and make it look youthful and fresh. The system is not without its side effects, but these are very minor and will not cause substantial damage to the skin or the individual.

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