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Protect Your Traveling Loved Ones With Garnet Jewelry

Garnets have been used in jewelry for centuries and, in fact, many years ago were thought to protect travelers and were carried by those who went off to explore foreign lands. If you have a loved one that is going on a trip and you are trying to find that perfect gift, you might want to consider a piece of garnet jewelry - to not only protect them while they're traveling, but also as a beautiful keepsake. This gem stone is also thought to help with disorders in the blood as well as infections. Garnets have been found in jewelry that date as early as the Bronze Age. Garnets are mined all over the world including the US, Europe, Australia, Tanzania, Brazil, Russia and Africa. is a fairly common gemstone they are often included with other gemstones in sterling silver jewelry and are beautiful and affordable.

While we think of garnets we think of the deep blood red color that we associate with this gem but garnets come in many colors. You can find them in green, orange, yellow, purple, brown and pink. The Uvarovite Garnet is found In Russia and is a bright green cluster of crystals sometimes also called drusy. Tsavorite garnets are a green or yellowish green color and are found in Africa.

Rhodolite garnets are a favorite and are a pink to reddish lavender color. Spessartite garnets are found all over the world including Europe, the US, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Brazil and are a reddish orange color. Almandine garnets found in Brazil, streamline And the US are deep red to purply red. The Hessonite Garnet is mined In Africa and Sri Lanka and is a yellow to brownish yellow color. Demantoid - the screen to yellowish green garnet is found in Russia, Italy and Korea.

The Pyrope garnet is a favorite of Victorians and is a deeper red to purple red color. It can be found in the US, South Africa, Czechoslovakia and Australia. Garnets are the birthstone of January and are an appropriate gift for the second and sixth wedding anniversary's. They range from 7.0 to 7.

5 of the Mohs scale and look great in all different kinds of jewelry and mixed with other gems as well. Garnets were a favorite gemstone for Victorian jewelry and this type of jewelry including pins, bracelets and necklaces is highly coveted today. Garnets make a great gift and were exchanged in early times to demonstrate one's affection for their friend and in the hope that they meet again. Today, garnet jewelry can make just as wonderful a gift as it has throughout the ages.

Lee Dobbins writes for http://jewelerati.com/ where you can learn more about all different kinds of gems and jewelry including the Garnet gem stone.

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