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Things To Consider Before Getting an Angel Wings Tattoo

The angel wings tattoo designs are entirely another category on its own. There can be thousands of such designs that one can simply get overwhelmed in choosing the right design. There are some things you need to have in mind for you to get the right one. Type In the bible alone, there are already several artistic renditions of angels and wings.

The design of an angel wings tattoo will of course depend on the kind of angel as interpreted by an artist. You can have an archangel's wings which might appear large, encompassing and powerful since archangels are the highest angels. You might also prefer a guardian angel's wings that may be in a protective pose and with a lighter color than other wing designs. Cherubim and seraphim wings are smaller than other types.

A final option would be either angel of death wings or fallen angel wings which would both appear bolder and darker. Design The type of angel wings tattoo that you want is not the only one that will influence your tattoo's appearance. Different cultural and artistic influences as well as the artist's own imagination could also determine how your angel wings tattoo will look. Your tattoo could have elements of tribal, gothic, abstract or even avant garde styles. Since no one has ever really seen real angel wings, your tattoo artist would of course also have his own personal notions of what a specific angel type's wings would look.

His concept might not be the same as yours. Be sure that you know exactly what you want before you get your angel wings tattoo. Significance Your angel wings tattoo should have significance. What your tattoo stands for will influence how it will look. Here are some possible reasons why people get an angel wings tattoo: - Angel wings can represent values and ideas. People may want them because they stand for purity, morality, religion, protection, strength and beauty.

Of course, fallen angel wings would have a slightly different significance for their owners. - It may also speak about a higher calling. The wings may symbolize one day achieving that great personal dream. -Angel wings can also be a form of remembrance for a significant person who passed away. -There are also some people who want to get angel wings design simply for its elegance and beauty. Placement One final consideration for your tattoo is also its placement.

One of the most popular areas to place such a tattoo would be on the back. In a way, this placement mimics the idea that wings really are found on the back. Depending on your wing type, you could have a full back tattoo stretching from your shoulders to your hips.

You could also get small cherubim wings on your upper back or on the back of your neck. Other body parts however might also look good with an angel's wings. You could put one on your arm, ankle or lower back.

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