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Why The Classic One Carat Solitaire Is Considered The Perfect Diamond Ring

There isn't a more beautiful ring than the classic one carat solitaire. Its simplicity is something to behold. The one carat diamond is the perfect size to stand on its own, any smaller or larger and it just doesn't look as appealing. These days everything seems to be geared toward bigger is better, but with a solitaire diamond that is not the case. If it is too big it can look gaudy or fake, and if it is too small it can have people reaching for a magnifying glass to see it. The classic one carat solitaire ring can be given for so many different occasions.

It can be used as an engagement ring. Its simple form can be a perfect match to almost any type of wedding band. It can be given for romantic holidays like anniversaries or Valentine's Day. It is also the perfect Christmas gift. Before shopping it is a good idea to do some research on the internet to get a feel for prices. If you don't know what kind of prices you are going to find, you might be shocked when you get to the jewelry store.

When shopping for your diamond there are several factors to consider, which are cut, clarity, color, and carat. You have already decided on the carat, now it is time to decide on the other issues. Clarity is determined by the absence of flaws.

Some flaws or inclusions are visible to the naked eye and they block the reflection of light making the diamond less brilliant. These stones can be cheaper and sometimes the inclusions are so small you don't even see them without some kind of magnification. The color of the stone is important.

The clear diamond will reflect more light and is more valuable. Also the color of the setting can have an influence on the color of the stone. It is better to go with a setting that is silver in color to really set off your stone.

A gold tone can make your diamond look yellow. The best light to look at a stone is in sun light. If the jeweler won't let you look at the stone in the sunlight you probably shouldn't buy it. Cut is another issue to consider.

When you buy a solitaire ring most often you want a cut that will really show off the brilliance of a stone. The more facets that are in the stone, the more light it will reflect. So with that said, the best cuts can be the round, princess, or marquis. You want to have a stone that is either round or has good dimensions to have the best possible reflection from the light.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as princess cut diamonds at http://www.diamondringsplus.com

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